-Aki Miyazono / President | Project Director
  • B. Architecture & Engineering
  • Registered Architect (Japan)
  • Member of JIA (Japan Institute of Architect)
  • AIA International Associates

As a founder of the BLANK Design, Aki’s talents and abilities in the world of architecture come from years of experience both locally and internationally. With a keen sense for the newest movements and trends in contemporary architecture, Aki brings an edge to BLANK that is unmatched. He has a strong talent for conceptual process and capturing ‘big’ ideas. Aki’s ability to stretch his imagination and critical eye to any size project or budget is almost unbelievable. With his direction sense and critical approach, BLANK continues to turn out projects that are both well designed and well detailed – to an international standard.

-Osamu Tsuchiya / Project Designer
-Harumi Isobe / Project Designer

Harumi Isobe joined Blank Creations as a senior designer in 2013 and she is working with diverse clients mainly in restaurant industry. With more than eight years of considerable experience, she believes that great designs should come from great relationships, respect and trust between clients and designers. These lead more comprehensive understanding of clients’ needs and expectations, and successful design cannot be achieved without it. She also believes comfortable space, whether personal or commercial, touches people deeply. Harumi always pays attention to how and what people feel good and bad in order to develop her design skills.

Harumi earned a degree in Interior Design from Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City. In school day, she was good with her hands, she loved to spend time on craftwork such as model making, product and jewelry designs and so on. In her spare time, Harumi enjoys appreciating nature, collecting antiques and findings, and making handmade objects, especially potteries. Pottery is not just a hobby for her but she is learning enthusiastically to make it part of her lifework besides an interior designer.

-Makoto Ishii/ Project Designer
-Jihwan Lee / Project Designer
-Rachel Kuo / Project Designer