BLANK Design (BLANK) is an outstanding architect and interior design firm mainly for commercial spaces based in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York. The team of experienced designers entails collecting information on the Design requirements for a project by interacting with clients to identify specifications and budgets. Based on initial consultations, they draft design plans with their creative senses that their clients have loved.


BLANK brings its technical knowledge, experience and resource to their construction services. BLANK is a leader in restaurant and hospitality market segments. Driven by a commitment to continuous improvement, BLANK embraces building information modeling and lean construction methods to boost efficiency and increase client value.


Based on more than 15 years of experience in establishing restaurants and building a network in U.S. food industry, kitchen and bar consulting is another power tool of BLANK. The team engages designing kitchen layouts and specifications for exquisite both commercial and personal residences. They also enjoy ample experience in the commercial arena such that designing attractive, functional, trendy, and modern kitchens and bars. The team guides clients into better and faster way to handle their business and offer proficient feedbacks as well.


BLANK’s branding strategy team helps clients assess whether their products deliver the true value that their customers ask. With a though understanding of the competitive landscape, audience mindsets and the opportunities and challenges facing a brand, the team build actionable strategic frame works and articulate positioning that supports all creative solutions. From menu design and customer service to logo design and digital marketing the team develop creative expressions across all brand touchpoints.


Depending on the size of the restaurant business, original financial outlay, and the level of risk involved, professional demographic research and location analysis are critical. BLANK research team specializes in market research and location analysis that helps their clients find a suitable location. There are many factors to consider when performing a location analysis and looking for a good location for new restaurant business such as accessibility, zoning and local demographics. Performing a location analysis can help finding the best spot for new businesses, ensuring that businesses start off on the right foot.

Overall, the entire blank team possesses the knowhow and connections with the right people to get the job done, it is a group company that services from architecture, interior design, branding, development, construction management, kitchen and bar consulting to research and analysis.